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Symfony 5 extensions

There’s no limit to the functionality you can incorporate in your Bolt project. At its core, Bolt is a Symfony application, so you can use the tools provided by the framework.


Twig templates

There's a reason why Twig is the de-facto standard across the PHP community. It is flexible, fast and secure. Take a look how easy it is to generate the HTML for your pages.

Built-in internationalisation

Built-in internationalisation

Need more languages? No problem, it's just one line of code. The even cooler thing? With field-level control you can decide exactly which parts of the page will be translated.


Out-of-the-box API

Bolt provides a RESTful and GraphQL API. No extra configuration needed. Use the CMS in headless mode, alongside a static site generator, or simply to feed data into whatever other platform.

Dummy content

Dummy content

Dummy content. You need it to test, or to showcase your work to your clients. Putting it in there is tiresome, though. Good news: not anymore. All you need to do is use one single line of code.

Content editors

Best rich content editors

You get the best content editors: Article and Redactor. Fully licensed for use in Bolt itself. For free. With love. Because we believe creating and adapting content should be easy. Period.

Skoop @ home (where else?)

@skoop - 5 February 2021

I spent a few hours yesterday and today building a new hobby site with @BoltCMS and wow, the new version is FANTASTIC. It's so easy to get a site up and running. I'm really loving this.

Anders Björkland

@abjorkland - 25 February 2021

In the past I've looked at differenct CMS:s and tried my hands at WordPress. But being such a fan of #Symfony I fell into the embrace of @BoltCMS this week.

It's a CMS and a Symfony application! 💜

This week I've tried out multi-lang and extensions and am enamoured.

Releasing the Bolt 3 to Bolt 5 upgrade guide

Hi there, Bolt Community 👋 At the end of August 2021, Bolt 5 was released. We are all very delighted with the adoption rate and the positive feedback you give us. From the Core Team to our community, a big thank you for helping us successfully release a new major version of your…

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🥳 🎁 Bolt 5 has been released

Hi there, Bolt community ☕️ We're excited to bring to you the news of the major Bolt 5 release today, 30 August 2021. In March of this year, we announced that the Core team is making progress towards a new major release. A little under two months ago, the major announcements&nbs…

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