Bolt 4: the starting point of your new website |

Bolt 4: the starting point of your new website

Open source 100% open source
Easy content creation 100% free
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Bolt is the only CMS that aims to make all users happy. Whether you are developer, frontend designer or content creator. Install the standard Bolt theme to get a nice solid base for your new website. Or get your hands dirty and create your own custom extensions in the PHP-based Symfony framework. Got stuck? Don’t worry. There is a whole community out there to help you move on.

It's all in the details


Symfony 5 extensions

There’s no limit to the functionality you can incorporate in your Bolt project. At its core, Bolt is a Symfony application, so you can use the tools provided by the framework.


Twig templates

There's a reason why Twig is the de-facto standard across the PHP community. It is flexible, fast and secure. Take a look how easy it is to generate the HTML for your pages.

Built-in internationalisation

Built-in internationalisation

Need more languages? No problem, it's just one line of code. The even cooler thing? With field-level control you can decide exactly which parts of the page will be translated.


Out-of-the-box API

Bolt provides a RESTful and GraphQL API. No extra configuration needed. Use the CMS in headless mode, alongside a static site generator, or simply to feed data into whatever other platform.

Dummy content

Dummy content

Dummy content. You need it to test, or to showcase your work to your clients. Putting it in there is tiresome, though. Good news: not anymore. All you need to do is use one single line of code.

Content editors

Best rich content editors

You get the best content editors: Article and Redactor. Fully licensed for use in Bolt itself. For free. With love. Because we believe creating and adapting content should be easy. Period.

Our personal favourite is the Symfony-based Bolt CMS. It’s not calling itself a “developer’s dream” just for show. Its consistent use of Symfony, elegant codebase and the ability to easily create new content types and extensions make for a powerful and scalable content solution.

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